In case you have an established model intended for sewing, namely the developed sample, technical description, and a set of digital patterns, we  are  ready  to start the mass production of the given model at once.

Our production process includes cutting, sewing, packing, labeling, etc. By the end, you will have a ready-for-sale product. The customers who have already  developed collection of shirts can count on getting the competitive prices on sewing services, the guaranteed production timeframe, and a flexible system of minimal orders. Since our production facilities are located in Lviv, we can guarantee prompt delivery to the EU countries and low logistics costs.

Production in Europe. We are the Ukrainian manufacturer.       


To get the best price the minimum order must  constitute 100 shirts of the same model and color. i.e., if you order a certain model in three different colors, the minimum order must be at least 300 items with no less than 100 items  in one items color. Each color will be produced in the following sizes: S, M, L, XL, 2XL… In other words, there will be 20 items of clothing per size produced in a particular color. We are capable of carrying out the smaller orders but in that case, the customer must be aware of the fact that the cost of  order would increase proportionally to the rise of manufacturing expenses.

Changes in our service costs according to the number of shirts of a specific model in one order:

  • From 100 shirts of a specific model made in one color;
  • From 100 shirts of a specific model made in different colors;
  • From 50 to 100 shirts of one model made in different colors;
  • From 4 to 50 shirts of one model made in different colors;
  • From 2 to 3 shirts of one model;
  • 1 shirt of a specific model.

In order to launch the production of shirts, we  need to receive the following:

  • The order from the customer where he accurately specifies the desired number of colors and sizes of the model;
  • The technical description along with the specifications concerning fabrics and trim, both necessary for the realization of the order, as well as digital patterns in exp or dxf formats.
  • A sample of the ready-made shirts which will help us maintain your technical standards when carrying out the production.

The actual production time for the order depends on the quantitative indicators of the particular order, the current workload at the production line and the availability of the required fabric. In case there is a need to order the fabric or any other components from a supplier, the production time may increase substantially. The manager, who is  responsible for fulfilling the order, coordinates the exact delivery time of the order with the customer.