We will help in selection of the fabrics and other supplements, develop the patterns and make a product sample. You will get a complete set of components needed for mass production: the production sample along with the technical description and patterns.

Our development program provides the aspiring designers and entrepreneurs with an opportunity to realize their ideas. Be sure to share your sketches with us and we will go above and beyond to find you the best suppliers of fabric and other necessary components. We will also develop digital patterns suitable for production on any  modern factory, as well as  make the sample along with providing you with  technical description for sewing of a given model and the table of measures for each size.

You Will Get Everything Needed to Create Your Perfect Shirt


A project manager carries out an extended discussion with the customer regarding his ideas and intentions, studies the provided sketches and samples, acquaints the customer with the pricing policy of our company, and agrees on all the necessary details of further cooperation.

A project manager gives a customer an  insight into the range of components necessary for the shirt production and provides a list of suppliers of fabrics and high-quality trim as well as the price list and terms of cooperation. Please note that a lot of items could be supplied directly from our own warehouse, which would save you   time and money.

The development of patters is the most crucial part of the project for product development. The quality of sewing and the overall satisfaction of the end-consumer with the product depends largely on the meticulousness of pattern development.

The process of pattern development is followed by the sewing of a sample in the course of which all defects are being thoroughly analyzed in order to avoid any inaccuracies while producing the given model in masse, which can affect the quality of the entire batch. 

A customer studies the sample and provides feedback about the quality of sewing and analyzes how the item looks on a live model. After that, he compiles the list of requests, revisions, and alterations.

Afterwards, the sample is being produced on the basis of executed requests and alterations. The sample is supplemented with the technical documentation as well as the table of measures for all sizes. In other words, the customer gets everything needed to place the order on any production line, i.e.: a set of digital patterns, a sample of ready-made product and the technical documentation with a table of measures for the final product.