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About CMT Shirt Production

The CMT Shirt Production company was founded in 1998 with the purpose of garment manufacturing, men’s shirts in particular, for different men’s clothing brands. Various structural subdivisions, such as the design, modeling, manufacturing, marketing subdivisions, were also established within this shirt company.

Over the course of twenty years of its operation, the Company has obtained the following results: as of now, we have a team of nearly 100 dedicated and well-organized employees; we also developed a highly-efficient processes of internal and external cooperation; finally, we have installed the manufacturing equipment that fully complies with the requirements of the modern clothing industry. The Company utilizes its vast experience and extensive knowledge in the area of quality shirts manufacturing technologies in order to produce 12000 items of clothing on a monthly basis. Each of our shirts meets even the strictest requirements of our customers.

The favorable combination of human and technological resources enables the CMT Shirt Production Company to aid the client companies in their realization of progressive designer projects as well as the development of high-quality products that bring positive emotions to consumers all over the world.

Who We Are

Leadership Team

Zelenevich Zoriana

Production manager - Zelenevich Zoriana

Dedekayev Sergey

Chief Executive Officer - Dedekayev Sergey

Shevchenko Nataliya

Chief Operating Officer - Shevchenko Nataliya

Bahniuk Nataliya

Manufacturing Technician officer - Bahniuk Nataliya

Okony Yuriy

Cutting department manager - Okony Yuriy

Hahatko Olexandra

Design and Technology officer - Hahatko Olexandra

Tsymbala Galina

Assistant production manager technician officer - Tsymbala Galina

Dyshkant Oksana

Assistant production manager, technician officer - Dyshkant Oksana

Gunyko Yiaroslav

Sewing Equipment operator - Gunyko Yiaroslav

Kostyuk Lyudmila

Sales Manager - Kostyuk Lyudmila

Kalyanov Valeriy

Manufacturing Engineer - Kalyanov Valeriy

Production Of a Quality Product

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